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Swing into fun with five little monkeys

This article is part of our weekly series Executive Function Tips for Families. Parents: Just hanging around? Swing into numeracy fun with this new take on a classic game.​ Dive into the world of playful learning and discover how the classic game 5 Little Monkeys can boost both numeracy and executive function. Learn more about…

To Screen or Not to Screen?

Screen Time Guidance for Children During the Quarantine Among the many challenges facing parents in these uncertain times is the question of how much screen time is too much for their developing children? Since the coronavirus-related shutdowns, the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its media recommendations for young children including limiting digital media to…

Helping Teens Stay On Task During the Coronavirus Quarantine

The stay-at-home orders and remote learning brought about by the novel coronavirus can be especially difficult for teens and their families to adjust to. The added stress and uncertainty combined with the reduced social group interactions can make teens feel anxious, less productive and more stressed. By leveraging mindfulness, reflection and executive function skills, parents…

Keeping Kids Sharp During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Kids of all ages are being affected by school closures brought on by the novel coronavirus pandemic. For school-age children, the transition to home-schooling and remote learning can be jarring and challenge their developing executive function skills. This period of social isolation and school disruption can be a good opportunity for parents to engage with…

Parent Newsletter – June 2019

Please see our Quarter 2 Parent Newsletter: v4.2 June 2019 Q2 Learn more about agency development, literacy, and numeracy; as well as a new infographic from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child about what executive function is and how it relates to child development.

Parent Newsletter – March 2019

Our first Parent Newsletter of 2019 is available here: v4.1 March 2019 Q1 Learn more about Goldilocks Parenting, Executive Function’s Role in ADD/ADHD, and Social-Emotional Development.

Parent Newsletter – December 2018

Please see the final Parent Newsletter of 2018, here: December 2018 Q4 v.3.4 In this edition, we have highlighted a new study from our lab on parent executive function and the results are in: parents’ skills matter, too!

Parent Newsletter – September 2018

Better late than never! We are happy to share our September 2018 Quarterly Parent Newsletter. Access and download it here: September 2018 Q3 v3.3

Parent Newsletter – June 2018

In our Parent Newsletter June 2018, we’d like to welcome our new contributor, Marie Lister! Marie graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Education and a teaching license in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education. She has been a classroom teacher for 9 years and currently is a teacher at the Shirley G. Moore…