The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS) is a brief, tablet-based comprehensive measure of executive function skills that is nationally normed down to 2 years of age. Reflection Sciences introduced the MEFS assessment to a consortium of independent schools to be used during the admissions process.

Here’s what they found:

  • Applicants who enrolled scored 10 points higher on average (out of 100) on the MEFS than those who did not. This is a statistically significant difference (p < .05), and suggests that the yield included students with higher EF skills.
  • The MEFS was significantly correlated with admissions measures of math (p < .05) and social-emotional skills (p < .01).
  • When all admissions variables were pitted against one another in a regression analysis, only the MEFS (p < .05) and academic knowledge (p < .01) were significant and unique predictors of Kindergarten Reading Level.
  • Applicants with higher MEFS scores went on to have higher scores in Kindergarten on decoding text, phonemic awareness, alphabet recognition, reading accuracy, number identification, and teacher ratings of concentration.

View and download the full infographic by clicking here.

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