We are excited to announce the launch of the MEFS AppTM 2.0!

The new version of the MEFS AppTM offers an improved experience and enhanced features:

  • Easy Group Management:
    Manage your group in the MEFS AppTM by adding or removing the appropriate people in seconds as the status of teachers, researchers, or children change. You can also assign each person in your group one of the access levels described below:
    1. System Admin (level 1 access): can organize, add, and delete groups, children, and users for the entire organization; can review and export ALL children data and reports; can mass-import children profiles.
    2. Group Admin (level 2 access): can organize, add, and delete children and users for their group only; can review and export children data and reports for their group only; can mass-import children profiles for their group only.
    3. Examiner (level 3 access): can review and export children data only for children they tested themselves; cannot add children to test.
  • Enhanced Reporting:
    Create reports and segment data for your overall group, a specific building, or even one teacher. The MEFS AppTM offers a new reporting system that makes data more useful, visually appealing, and easier to use.
  • Updated Age Norms:
    The MEFS AppTM now also features updated MEFS age norms.
  • Improved Security:
    Information security is a top priority, so we continue to enhance security features to ensure your data is always safe.To get started with the MEFS AppTM 2.0:

States. New data submitted, as well as prior assessment data in your portal, are now

These are based on

32,800 typically developing youth (ages 2-17.9) and 1,350 adults (18+) in the United

reported using the 2019 norms when downloaded. If you wish to view your data using

the old norms, you may request a download from the Reflection Sciences team.

• Download the latest version of the MEFS App from the App store(s).

1. Note: You’ll know you have the most recent version of the MEFS App if there is a “Reset Password” button on the login screen.

• Reset your password before attempting to login in for the first time.

• Please note: The Admin Portal website address has changed to https://admin.reflectionsciences.com.