Adding and Editing a Child Profile

Adding a new student profile

Navigate to the “Children” tab in the portal. Depending on the level of access, you might need to choose the appropriate organization, district, school, or classroom. Click the “+ Add Child” button and enter the students information. Be sure to enter click Save before closing.

Required  Fields

Child ID:  Any combination of letters and numbers work here. We recommend matching the Child ID with the student’s ID in other programs. For example, linking to Skyward, Moodle, etc. 

First and Last Name:  Enter the child’s first and last name in these fields. If you are using unique identifiers instead of names, you may enter the ID or “X” here.

Gender:  Select gender identity. If unknown, select the sex at birth.

Birth Month:  A scrolling menu will appear where you can select the appropriate month. 

Birth Year:  Enter the year via keypad.


Optional Student Data

Special Education Services:  Indicate whether or not the child is receiving services (IEP, developmental diagnosis, etc.). Enter NO unless you have specific knowledge of this.

Race / Ethnicity:  Select as many as apply. If you do not have this information, click on the field and click out. The field will populate with ‘No Ethnicity Selected’.

Second Language Learner: Enter NO unless you have specific knowledge of this.

Postal Code:  Enter according to the child’s residence, if known. Otherwise, use your organization’s postal code. 

Classroom / Teacher:  You can use this field in a number of ways. You can use it to identify the child’s case manager, classroom teacher, specialist, etc. 

Notes: Add any instructor comments here. 

Practice Child: Click on this box if you do not want assessment data integrated into your classroom data. For example, if you are adding yourself as a student. 

Practice Child

You can add yourself as a child to practice taking the assessment, play the digital games, etc. When adding a new child, be sure to click on the Practice Child box to ensure the data is not included in any of the classroom data. Any practice children will have a large yellow practice in front of the child’s name.


Editing Student Data

Student data can be edited at any time by using the Child tab and clicking on the grey pencil icon.