What is Executive Function?

Often called the air traffic controller of the mind, Executive Function is the key set of skills required for impulse control in children, as well as academic and life success. So much so, that Executive Function is a better predictor of academic success than traditional IQ tests. But unlike IQ, Executive Function skills can be taught. In short, Executive Function is one of the most important sets of skills that children need to acquire in order to be successful in life.

Executive Function Has Been Shown to Predict Important Developmental Outcomes:

School Readiness

Academic Achievement

Social Functioning

Mental & Physical Health

Executive Function Skills


Cognitive Flexibility

Thinking about something in multiple ways. For example, considering someone else’s perspective on a situation, or a different way to solve a problem.

Working Memory

Holding information in mind so it can be used to guide behavior. For example, keeping a question in mind in order to formulate an answer.

Inhibitory Control

Ignoring distractions and inhibiting impulsive responses. For example, paying attention to a teacher and resisting a side conversation with a friend.

Real World Reviews

MEFS App Screening Reassures Family

Happiness is having a teacher let us know that because we screened a 3-year-old using the MEFS App, we were able to inform the child’s family, who was prepared to have this child on a different path of learning due to possible concerns, that he is on track in EF development. Thankful!

Peggy McGuire, Director of Child and Family Development – Project HELP, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Exciting Partnership

Kinderberry Hill has closely monitored research on Executive Function. We knew we wanted to be able to assess how our children are doing in this crucial area. We were excited to learn of the ground-breaking tools being developed by Reflection Sciences and are thrilled to partner with them.

Sara Reichstadt, Education Coordinator at Kinderberry Hill Child Develpment Center

Measuring What Matters

The MEFS App provides our early childhood teachers with baseline data regarding a child's executive functioning skills and quarterly assessments allow us to ensure our children are developing these critical skills which are a better predictor of academic achievement.

Wendy Webster, Director of Community Services and Communications at St. Anthony-New Brighton School District

Contributing Insight with a Fun-to-Use Assessment

This dynamic company is rolling out an easy and fun-to-use assessment that teachers and specialists are going to love! It contributes insight and attention to EF development and jibes with the need for 21st century learning!

Heather Dawson, Special Education Teacher

Nothing Else Comes Close

After reviewing a number of education outcome measures, we determined that no other test of executive functioning combines the ease of administration, interpretability, and proven validity of the MEFS App. Nothing else even comes close. We’ve also consistently found the entire Reflection Sciences team to be professional, responsive, and immensely helpful. It is hard to imagine a more perfect pairing of product and publisher, and the MEFS App will play an important role in our work for many years to come.

Steven J. Hughes, PhD, LP, ABPdN, Chair, Association Montessori Internationale Global Research Committee, Past President, American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology.

Concrete, Scientific Feedback

Our teachers got really into the test and loved administering! They liked that it was such concrete feedback on each child and gave them real info on what/how to address in the classroom. Our parents really appreciated the concrete, scientific feedback at conferences.

Kristen Walker, Assistant Director (Ponce City Market Campus), The Suzuki School

Nurture Executive Function Skills

With this new partnership, our educators will be more intentional in nurturing Executive Function skills, so that our students are better prepared to learn, socialize and handle any situation that may develop in elementary school.

Jacqueline Cossentino, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector

Quick and Easy Tool for Young Children

The adaptive nature of the MEFS App makes it a quick tool to use, which is imperative when studying very young children. The training was thorough and responsive to our needs. We hope to use this measure to understand the development of children’s executive function over time in a high quality early childhood setting, as well as providing teachers in the program with data to inform their classroom practice.

Shannon Guss, Project Director at the Early Childhood Education Institute at OU-Tulsa

MEFS App is a Great Asset

The MEFS App is a great asset to our study—the app is easy to use, the MEFS team has been really helpful in helping us launch the task in our research, and the child participants love the task. We can’t wait to analyze the data so we can learn more about the role of pre- and postnatal maternal adversity and opportunity in the development of children’s executive function!

Nicki Bush, PhD - Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at UCSF